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Realizing the increasing interest / inclination for girl's education and additionally to reciprocate the native land's obligation, a Madras based and generous hearted couple namely Shri Amrutlal Devraj Shah and Smt. BhagyavatiBahen Shah originally belonging to Bhuj liberally & fabulously donated for the sacred cause of education with the resultant formation of Shri Jain Medical & Educational Trust by ushering of "Sarvajanik High School" having one class (VIII) as its constituent in the year 1973.

The array of activities of the school were steered & spear-headed under the able acumen ship of the stalwart secretary and real mentor like Shri Maneklala Shah during the infancy of the school. This was corrobarated by the consistent indulgence of the Trustees coupled with the might, thrust and height of foresight of the loyal and unflinching teachers, which culminated into pyrrhic success in the examination by first S.S.C batch of the school. This brought prestige for administrator and a CATALYST to the care. As a dedicated & undaunted caretaker of will being and upliftment of the whole fibroid of the school, he gave new dimensions to the various parameters of progress and converted paradox into pragons .... more

School Body

Hon. Secratary Director Principal Advisor
Mr. Maneklal Shah Nalini Shah Premlata.K.Nihalani Mr. Ramesh Dave


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